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There’s nothing more spectacular than a custom home built on a sloping block to maximise views, light and breezes - but it takes a specialist approach to optimise these features and expertly manage the complexities.

Don’t let a sloping block stop you from building your dream home

Sloping blocks provide you with an incredible freedom to create a home that compliments the land it sits on and the surrounding scenery.

Adopt a more creative approach by ensuring that space is fully utilised throughout your home. Maximise the usability of your home by following the gradual ‘fall’ of the lot with staggered open plan living spaces that are brimming with natural light.

Open up to stunning views and free-flowing breezes

The natural elevation of your land opens it up to stunning vistas and copious amounts of natural light. Each sloping site is unique, and we carefully consider the site’s gradient, position, drainage needs and outlook before putting pencil to paper. Your new custom home is tailored specifically for the way you and your family interact with your living spaces, and how you plan to enjoy your land.

Our architectural designers and experienced builders are here to guide you through every step of the sloping block house design process, from envisioning your down-slope house plans to including your personal touches. This careful design process will be evident from the moment you walk through the front door of your new home for the first time, and every day after that.

Talk to a sloping block specialist

The team at Wincrest Bespoke has been designing luxury sloping block homes for over 30 years, including sloping block house designs with falls of up to seven metres and beyond. Where other builders hesitate, we thrive. Our sloping block builders make concerted efforts to effectively use the natural incline of your block to astutely shape your home.

A sloping block build can maximise the luxury of your home - not limit it

Sloping block homes provide greater access to breathtaking views and natural light. But it can be a timely process to find a home design that is as stunning as your surroundings. Our sloping block builders are experienced in all aspects of building on sloping blocks. The design process takes into full consideration your block and we use its natural setup to inform our choices, enhancing the land with a truly unique build. When designing a house on a sloping block, we build in harmony with the land. Our ground-up approach to building on a sloping block guarantees that you are putting your land to best use.

Take advantage of stunning views

Maximise the benefits of owning a house on a sloping block by leaning into the incredible views it offers, and implementing design choices that enhance the home’s surroundings.With expert guidance from our sloping block builders, building on a sloping block can create numerous opportunities to incorporate stunning views throughout your entire home. Open plan living spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows within a split level home design allow for beautiful entertaining areas where both your visitors and family can soak up your views.

Choose home design options that reflect your personal style

Your home is yours to own and enjoy. Our design process ensures you incorporate the practical and aesthetic qualities of a home that are meaningful to your lifestyle. Custom Wincrest Bespoke homes allow you to avoid compromising altogether: even on the miniscule design choices that you shrug off in an existing house. After all, every single aspect of your home – from the layout to the finishes – impacts its functionality and uniqueness.

Create a floor plan that optimises space

No matter the width or size of your block, creating a home that optimises your space is integral to the design process. The team at Wincrest Bespoke rely on proven techniques to open up space, capture light and maximise storage space, allowing you to live large on any type of block.

Match your lifestyle with a custom home

Your home should enhance your quality of life, not complicate it. By designing a custom home, you can incorporate meaningful design choices that will enable you to live life the way you want. The Wincrest Bespoke process for a sloping block build puts you at the forefront of each decision, empowering you to decide what is most important for you. Your vision of the ideal home forms the foundation of our building processes and inspires every stage that comes after that.

Embrace a cost-efficient alternative

Building on a sloping block of land doesn’t have to be excessively expensive. By investing in a home that was purposefully designed for your land, you can reduce ongoing maintenance costs. Draining issues, poorly designed retaining walls and steep driveways can all complicate the liveability of your home if built by someone unfamiliar with sloping blocks. For over 30 years, Wincrest Bespoke has refined our tried and proven methods to building on sloping blocks that adopt a customisable approach, not a copy-and-paste one.


We have built different types of homes that Wincrest Bespoke has custom-designed for us, some on challenging blocks with sloping sites such as the block in North Bowgalah.  They were very helpful in the design and construction of the home.  We have had some challenges but Wincrest has always talked with us and found a solution.