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Narrow blocks are becoming increasingly common in Sydney. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice space for quality. With a Wincrest Bespoke narrow block home builder, you can integrate innovative techniques to increase the efficiency of your home’s layout without compromising on what’s important to you.

Don’t let a narrow block stop you from building your dream home

A narrow block home isn’t a restriction. Rather, it introduces an opportunity for smart design choices with multi-functional spaces and luxurious inclusions. The narrow block specialists at Wincrest Bespoke carefully plan for open spaces and free-flowing air through a custom floor plan. As we design your home from the ground up, you can be rest assured that we are building your dream home - not someone else’s.

Whatever you have in mind, Wincrest Bespoke can put it to paper and bring it to reality. We can also coordinate with your architect to build their plans.


Custom narrow block home designs allow you to optimise space by eliminating underutilised spaces, in a seamless way that is impossible to achieve through a project builder. With your guidance, Wincrest Bespoke’s narrow block builders can create an entirely unique narrow block home design that utilises reliable methods to ensure that we maximise light, comfort, views and space. The Wincrest process culminates in a design that’s envisioned specifically for your family.

Talk to a team that has been building narrow block homes in NSW for over 30 years

With a narrow block, you can’t afford to ‘shrink’ pre-existing home designs that were crafted for larger blocks of land. Rather, you must begin the process by building from the ground up, all while keeping an open mind.

Wincrest Bespoke has been building custom homes for narrow blocks for over 30 years. Our portfolio of experience encompasses challenging sloping custom homes in Western Sydney, North Sydney and the Northern Beaches, the Sutherland Shire, the Inner West and the Central Coast. Throughout our years of operation, we’ve developed reliable techniques to add value to your home through high-quality finishes and innovative designs. Prior to drafting the first design proposal for your future home, we dedicate time to assessing your block to ensure that we fully understand its composition before we put pen to paper.

Open Plan Living

Open plan living is a popular layout design for families living in narrow block homes. Combining multiple living areas to create one multi-functional room enhances the existing space of your lot while simultaneously providing a great setting for easy entertaining. An open-plan design captures free-flowing air and natural light, which in turn infuses a brighter, more spacious atmosphere into your home. You can also easily shift your furniture to create different dynamics within open plan living spaces. 

From narrow lot double storey homes to quaint one-story homes, open plan living suits any kind of home design. By ridding your design of superfluous walls and doors, open plan living is a valuable design choice for those building on narrow blocks of land.

Smart Use of Space

Design choices within narrow block homes should be carefully selected to ensure they work seamlessly with each other to expand the perceived depth and height of their surroundings.

Clever storage spaces and space-saving design options add a dose of personality and uniqueness to your home. Creating optimum space within houses for narrow blocks provides an exciting opportunity to embrace creativity and innovation. Ceiling heights, step-downs, flooring, colour schemes, courtyards, floor-to-ceiling windows and various lighting options can all contribute to the overall sense of your space.

Don’t Compromise on Design

Creating homes for narrow blocks offers a unique opportunity to take a creative approach with design. In a narrow block home, each design choice must prioritise practicality and should be carefully analysed to ensure that everything slots together to create a free-flowing home. You don’t necessarily have to alter the layout of your dream home for a narrow lot. With careful a tactful eye, homes for narrow blocks can blend all of your must-haves into one seamless, efficient design.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Narrow block homes provide excellent opportunities to incorporate more windows and capitalise on natural light, adding depth of space into a room. Our narrow block builder’s craft floor plans that take into account the value of maximising intake of natural light within narrow homes. Purposeful design choices ensure that natural light is gathered and distributed effectively throughout each room, providing you with a home that fuses the outdoors with the indoors.

Acknowledge the cost-effective benefits of narrow blocks

Building custom homes for narrow blocks of land is typically more cost-effective than building on larger lots. This is especially true for the average cost of knock down rebuild projects on narrow blocks. Not only is the land itself generally cheaper: partnering with narrow block builders also opens up more opportunities to build in the more populated and sought-after suburbs in Sydney. 

Due to their clever design choices and optimal use of space, narrow homes tend to be more economical to maintain when compared to other types of houses.

Let Wincrest Bespoke Help You Build Your Dream Home in Sydney

Throughout 35 years of operation, Wincrest Bespoke has acquired a deep understanding of the requirements and best practices when building narrow block homes in NSW. Our team of narrow block builders rely on local knowledge to inform each design choice, ensuring that we factor in the distinct benefits and challenges of each location we build in.

Regardless of whether you’re considering a knockdown rebuild or have recently purchased an empty narrow block of land, Wincrest Bespoke’s home builders in Sydney can help you transform your current lot into your dream home.


On-Site Inspection and Advice

Whether you’re starting from scratch or are looking for a knockdown rebuild, the first step in designing your new home is to meet with one of our custom home specialists at your block of land. Here, our design team will consider every aspect of the block, including the slope of the land, location of trees, access, storage space, existing structures, restrictions, natural site drainage and neighbouring properties. Then, your new home begins to take shape as we discuss your lifestyle and tailor your custom home for optimal views, breezes, natural light and warmth.